• Delivery: only 1-4 business days

  • Full refund within 14 days

  • Free delivery on every order!

  • Delivery: only 1-4 business days

  • Full refund within 14 days

  • Free delivery on every order!

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Use the form below if you have any questions regarding your order. We strive to reply within 12 hours, and you are guaranteed a response within 48 hours.

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If you change your mind about your purchase and want to return the item, you have the two following options:

1. You are free to dispatch your items yourself, if that is cheaper than the (32€) that is included in option 2. If you choose option 1, fill out the form below and attach the form to your parcel.

2. You can choose for us to send you a return shipping label that you can attach to your parcel, and return it to us for an amount of 32€ – regardless of the weight and size of the parcel. We will automatically deduct the 32€ from your refund.

You will receive your refund when we receive the parcel. It can take 1-2 days to make the refund to your payment account.

1.Return it yourself 2. Get a returnlabel

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We often collaborate with different bloggers, which is very rewarding for both parties in terms of sharing design ideas and getting new inputs. We love to create new and inspiring products for our customers, so if you have a blog and a creative side you could be the person we are looking for.  

Feel free to contact us and let us create something beautiful together.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1 – Find your item: Locate the item you wish to purchase and choose the size you want. Add the item to your shopping bag by clicking on the “Add to Shopping bag” button. You can add numerous items to your shopping bag.
Step 2 – Shopping Bag: When you are ready to checkout click on the “Shopping Bag”. This presents you with an overview of your order. Enter your promotion code on this site, if you have one. Finally click the “Checkout” button to complete your purchase.
Step 3 – Checkout: Fill in your information. All spaces marked with * must be filled out. Choose the preferred method of payment and fill in any additional comments if necessary. This page is also where you can sign up for our monthly newsletter.
Step 4 – Payment: If you choose to pay with credit card, fill in your account number and other necessary information. The amount displayed on this site is the amount we will deduct from your account.
Step 5 – Receipt: You will receive an e-mail with your order confirmation, when we have processed your order. When we ship your order, you will receive another e-mail containing the tracking information. This e-mail is normally sent around 5 pm on business days.
99% of the time we ship items on the same day that we receive the order – if we receive the order before 1 pm (business days). Normally the order will be delivered within 1-3 days
Ruggit pays for the shipping charges to you.
Click on the “Shopping Bag” and fill in your promotion code in the box marked “Enter your promo code”. Now click “Apply” to deduct the discount.
When you complete an order, we will earmark the amount on your bank account. The money will be drawn from your account when you receive your order. Please note that the same terms do not apply in case you order a custom-made rug or pay by VIABILL.
We accept the following methods of payment: MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, & American Express.
We do not accept payment by bank transfer, because of the fact that our customers are not covered by The Danish Consumer Protection Act in cases of bank transfers.
You will receive an e-mail when your rug is put into production, another e-mail when it is shipped from Nepal to Denmark, and a third e-mail when we send your order to you. The last e-mail will include a tracking link.
It is possible to change the design of your rug if your rug is NOT yet put into production.
It is possible to cancel your order if the item is NOT yet put into production. For more information, read our terms and conditions of sale. You will find it under “Right of cancellation”.