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We are the best distributor of felt ball rugs in numerous sizes and colour combinations. Our felt ball rugs are created in a responsible manner in Nepal – by talented and skilled Nepalese men and women who dedicate a lot of time and love to the beautiful, handmade felt ball rugs.

Felt ball rugs




High quality felt products

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100% handmade

All our felt products are unique and handmade by Nepalese men and women.

Durable and long-lasting

We use 2 mm. nylon string, fine craftsmanship and a wool density of 5,2 kg/m^2 to make our products very durable.

Wool from New Zealand

All our products are made from 100% pure “New Wool” from New Zealand sheep.

Design your own rug

Design your own rug to match your individual style and taste. Choose from a range of different sizes and shapes – and more than 70 colours and shades.

We make it super easy and fun for you to get in touch with your inner designer.

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100% handmade from Nepal

Each felt ball rug goes through a process of 8 steps, and it takes one person about 30 hours to finish one rug.