About Ruggit

Our mission is to provide high quality and reasonable priced felt ball rugs for everyone. The felt ball rugs from Ruggit are made from pure wool and they come in every pattern and colour combination imaginable. We can customise the rugs to match your taste and needs.

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The team

We are a team of passionate and talented people who wish to give you the very best customer experience. We are all about quality, fast delivery service, support and everything else you might need when you do business with us.

We strive to provide the very best service possible to our clients and every day we are determined to:

  • Deliver your order as quickly as possible. We aim to deliver your order within a few business days after the order date.
  • Make sure that our products live up to your expectations in terms of appearance, quality and price.
  • Make sure you are always met with a smile, and that you get the exact help and service you need.

who makes the products

The production

In Nepal wool has been used for rugs, clothes, purses and much more for centuries. And now you can buy the most beautiful felt ball rugs made from the same type of wool and by the same old techniques.

Our rugs are made in the capitol of Nepal, Kathmandu, and in the surrounding region.

Our Nepalese artisans

Our felt ball rugs are primarily made by women. Only 10% of our supplier’s employees are men.

The employees are often Nepalese people without any education who comes from smaller villages in the surrounding areas of Kathmandu. But they also include women from low income families, who make the felt ball rugs in their spare time as a way to contribute to the household and the children’s schooling.


Poverty and unemployment are massive problems in Nepal – and therefore we are very proud to say that our company and sales of felt ball rugs has contributed to the employment and payment of mange Nepalese people over the years. We are happy about the fact that we can help create a better standard of living for them and their children.

We are against using child labour – and so is our suppliers. This is a very important issue for us, and we make sure that every employee is of age.

The process – 1, 2, 3!

Our felt ball rugs are made from 100% pure wool from New Zealand, bought by our supplier from local importers.

Pure wool

The pure wool is dyed by professionals. They use no toxins or allergenic substances in the fabrications of the multi-coloured felt balls.

shaping of the felt balls

The felt balls are shaped in hot soapy water after which they are rinsed, cooled down and placed to dry in the sun. Felt is actually one of the oldest textiles known to man, and people used felt long before knitting and weaving were invented.


The different coloured felt balls are stitched together like beads on a string using an old technique. This technique holds the felt balls firmly together and makes the rugs very durable and strong.