Maintenance & Warranty

We are happy to provide a 2-year warranty, because we trust our suppliers and their good work. The fine craftsmanship produces strong and durable products that will last for many years.

The warranty presupposes that you follow the instructions listed here on this site.



  1. Do not place the item in a wet or steamy environment.
  2. Keep any footwear off away from the item.
  3. Do not place any heavy objects (e.g. stone table) on the rug. This will cause the felt balls to be deformed.
  4. When cleaning the rug, shake out the rug and sweep up or vacuum the dirt from the floor.
  5. When vacuuming your rug, be careful not to pull the felt apart. Avoid using any stiff brushes on the rug.
  6. Do not let any pets bite or claw the rug.
  7. Do not place the rug outside. Only indoor use.
  8. Do not wash the rug. The water will dissolve the felt balls.
  9. If you spill any fluids on the rug, dab it dry. (with a paper towel or a white towel immediately) If you get any stains on the rug consult a professional dry cleaner.
  10. Avoid any type of wear and tear that could destroy the felt bells.

Trivets and Coasters

We only provide a 2-year warranty for trivets and coasters in cases where the product falls apart. Any other wear and tear is not included in the warranty, because high temperatures over time can result in faded colours and other imperfections.